Book of photographs and erotic poetry, by Kel Bathory

Prologue of Alan D.D.

I’m a faithful believer that, although prose and fiction can carry with them a part of the soul of who writes, it is through poetry that life really remains imprinted in words, that’s the moment when it can be said that the writer has shared an intimate part of her being, of what makes her breathe and shapes her breath.

When I read those soul scraps of Kel Bathory I could not help but wonder what else she had to tell, what corners she has left to show, and although it was a fairly brief glance, it was also useful, a more than adequate appetite to get an idea about that which a muse has to say as this woman is.

Combining fantasy, the gloomy atmospheres, the music that inspires her and even those environments in which one would prefer not to be found with a sensuality difficult to channel, Kel shows a more intimate part, a mysterious place, possibly asleep and that is barely seeing the first rays of the sun, feeling that first breath of life.

I wonder where that side of her mind had been asleep. It’s been a long time since I read something that made me transport so easily, so quickly, without even realizing it, even knowing that I had to stay in the real world, the world of the tangible, to keep the translation true to its original content. Such is the power of this daughter of the Bloody Countess.

I’m usually a person of few words, a case similar to hers, so I prefer to put here the end of my part inviting those eyes that read these lines to travel by the hand of this muse as many times as possible, to get lost in her image and let inspiration flow like water, just like it does in Kel Bathory’s fingers.

Alan D.D.  Author, blogger and journalist

kel bathory pieces of the soul
(cover: kel bathory pieces of the soul)

(Bilingual Book: Texts in English & Spanish)

Soul pieces are erotic poems accompanied by sensual photographs, which incite to create stories that the model herself has begun to dream. Immerse yourself in different worlds of different styles. Cat masks that hide looks. Bunnies like cotton candy. Steampunk between copper and oxide. The tender story of a Gothic woman. And the metal twins. And start playing… Texts written by the model.

Model and poetry: Kel Bathory
Photographer: Ray LaCroix
Editor: Rubén López
Translator: Alan D.D.
ISBN AMAZON: 9781521847527
Pages: 70
Size: 15,2cm x 22,8cm

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Kel Bathory wallpaper 2160p
Kel Bathory wallpaper 2160p


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